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About Summitstar Films


Summitstar Films & Entertainment services entertainment industry needs throughout multiple divisions. 

Our division, Summitstar Films, is a full service motion picture development, production, post-production, and distribution film and video production company. From movie shorts and feature films to high end corporate videography, documentaries, television shows, artist profiles and commercials, this professional film and video division handles it all. Production equipment rentals are also offered.

Our studio, Summitstar Studios, is approximately a 4,000 square foot facility complete with a soundstage, audio & video podcast studios, DaVinci color correction suites, audio & video editing suites, a state of the art live room complete with a large vocal booth, an advanced viewing theater, and multiple production offices.

Our genre based division, Nitefire Productions, produces horror, thriller, science fiction and suspense motion pictures.

Our corporate division, Optimus Video, focuses solely on producing affordable videos within corporate and commercial markets. 

Led by our founder and creative visionary, Michael Giannantonio, Summitstar has set down a path to bring forth high quality services within the entertainment industry. Since Summitstar’s formal formation in 1994, proprietor Michael Giannantonio has provided entertainment industry services to thousands of prestigious clients all around the world.

When you need a high quality product, Summitstar delivers .

Audio & Video Recording

Advanced audio recording services


Audio & Video Editing

Summitstar offers audio & video editing services


Audio & Video Podcasting Services

Looking to take your podcast to the next level? 


Motion Picture Production Services

Development, preproduction, production and postproduction services


Production Equipment Rentals

Top of the line production equipment rentals


Studio Facility & Services

Studio space rentals, sound stages, equipment rentals and more.


Video Editing Suites

Advanced DaVinci Resolve video editing services 


Color Correction Suites

DaVinci based color correction services.


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Our Skill

Let See our creative and Professional Skills

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